Saturday, January 10, 2009

South Korea: day 3

Good morning, Daejeon! Mrs Hwang told me it snowed last night :-D Everything looked so calm out there.

It was my first time meeting Mr Hwang and his family. His children – Kevin & Ji-Yun – were adorable! It was touching when Kevin showed me baby photos of himself with gifts I posted to Korea many years ago when he was just born. Mr Hwang was a thoughtful host and Mrs Hwang was a caring hostess plus wonderful cook! That morning, I had my first Korean homestyle breakfast. It was exceptionally warm and delicious. Thank you, Mrs Hwang!

Founded in 418A.D. by Priest A-do, Jikjisa Temple at Gimcheon si, Gyeongbuk, was once the greatest temple in Korea.

We had some roasted chestnuts while on our way for lunch...

Yay! This is my first Korean BBQ pork... on charcoal stove!

Daejeon Arts Museum featured modern art from both Korean and foreign artists. The current show was entitled "10 Next Code".

Wow! Wonderful dinner at Mr Hwang's home :-) I really liked the kimchi soup...

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