Thursday, May 13, 2021

Island Hopping: St John > Lazarus > Kusu

🚆 Marina South Pier MRT
Thank God for the ❤️️ weather
Snacks & water are available at MSP.
Note that there are no stores in the islands!

Cheers to St John's Island
✅ Greenery & fresh air (don't forget mosquito repellent ğŸ˜‚)

 What do people do on this island? 
🏊 Swim ğŸŽ£ Fish ğŸ•️ Camp (permit required🚲 Cycling ğŸ¿️ Wildlife spotting
🏫 Marine Park Outreach & Education Centre 
🛌 Chalet Lodging

And we walked to the adjacent Lazarus Island
Finally, Kusu Island aka Tortoise Island 🐢🐢
What to see:
Chinese Temple / Wishing Well / Datok Kong shrine (closed for renovation)
Tortoise Sanctuary / Swimming / Beaches / Giant Tortoise Statues