Thursday, February 4, 2021

2021 Museum Roundtable: Cosmicwander by SAM

CosmicWander Founder Choy Ka Fai packed his bags a few years ago, and set out on an extensive research trip across Asia. His goal: to learn about dance, shamanism and the supernatural. 

The 18-month adventure led Ka Fai to remote mountains, rolling hills, dynamic cities and close encounters with more than 50 spirit mediums. On his journeys, the wanderer witnessed fascinating rituals and ceremonies, and experienced altered states of consciousness. Returning with inspiring stories about spirituality and transcendence, he speculates on alternative modes of knowing and being as well as realms of reality other than our own.


"How do we perceive the world today in all its seen, unseen, and imagined dimensions? Does the body continue to play the role of a medium to connect with our surroundings and an archive for personal/collective memories, or has it dissolved into a digital stream of virtual consciousness?"

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