Saturday, September 3, 2016

Perth 3/5

On Fremantle Line from Perth Station 
Greetings @Fremantle Station

Well preserved historical architecture

Fresh seafood lunch and catch-up with an old friend & her dad!

The Esplanade Park
MANY 6160 is a charming space which ground level is used for retails, café and hanging out (did I see a ping-pong table and many old theatre / church seats?) The upper level, I believe is a space for artist workshop. Yes, I love this place!  

It was a peaceful early spring afternoon
Oxfam Shop Australia
8 Bar Iced Coffee @Woolworths
Allen's Minties with unique cartoon wrappers
Beanz meanz Heinz
Marmite is Our Mate here
Barista Bros Official Aussie Cheer Squad 

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