Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Sydney #1

QF6 arrived Sydney 9:30am. Quite a bit of wait at immigration, as predicted. Nonetheless, it was a huge relief after all the sticky clearance. Hello Sydney!!

The first thing I looked for wasn't the taxi signage, but local mobile services. YES Optus is definitely what I would recommend. I paid A$20 for A$30 worth of prepaid mobile service + 500MB data! Perfect for my 7-day stay. It was on promo, apparently. Love the branding too.

We reached Four Seasons Hotel around 11:15am and thankfully, I was told that our room would be ready by 12:30pm (check in is 3pm usually). Good first impression (√). The staffs were nice and friendly too (√√).

We then had a brief walk at Opera Quay, whilst enjoying the ever-hungry seagulls, hunting for some brunch... Disappointingly, ended up with McDonald's (store needs facelift; the 'crispy noodle' salad didn't taste very good).

Once hotel check-in was settled, we moved on to Museum of Sydney, a small museum built over and around Australia’s first Government House. The highlight amongst exhibits were Jørn Utzon's wooden model to the 'shells' engineering solution (part of Sydney Visionaries exhibition) and Celestial City: Sydney's Chinese Story.

Late lunch at Museum Of Contemporary Arts (MOCA) was quite good. Great view of the Opera House as well as a retrieve from the busy crowds. Works by Annette Messanger were fantastic.

We then spent the rest of the evening at Woolworths Metcentre, Coles Central and dinner at Giovanni's Italian Restaurant (love the Sagittarius Pizza). Sheer walking. Well done, mum! :-)

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