Sunday, May 17, 2009

Mark Haddon: A Spot Of Bother

I got this book January 2008 at discounted price and to be honest, I didn't expect much excitement as compared to his previous book. It was in fact rather flat in the beginning. I even rested it for a couple of months before picking it up again. Nevertheless, the plot got 'bloody' amusing as George (the main retired man) got out of control with his life and he attempted to remove a lesion on his hip by himself! At the same time, other characters (Jean, the wife, who was having an affair and was thinking about leaving George; Katie, the daughter, who was getting married to a man whom she was unsure of loving; and Jamie, the son, who was struggling with being an out gay man and getting committed with his lover) learned to look deeper into their chaotic family and started to rebuild closer ties among themselves.

I do agree with
Independent on Sunday's comment– "A witty and subtle family drama." The beautiful cover art was created by
Marc Boutavant (illustration) & Tim Marrs (illustrated type).

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