Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Karim among bizarreness

You know, spending just a few hours in Kuala Lumpur can easily leave you with much astonishment.
KTM Train@11.30am: Same old story, but it was just absurd how people tried to squeeze themselves in the very moment the doors slid open. A group of 8-10 were waiting to get out but no one from the outside seemed to notice or care. What a shame, fellow students! So Moral Education remains highly illogical huh...
Monorail@1pm: I was standing patiently behind the waiting line. And when the train finally approached, one roly-poly boy came swiftly from my behind and stood directly ahead of me – next to him, was his guardian, who, like many Malay parents I observed, did not seem to care what his child had performed. He was even avoiding eye contact with me. What IS the matter with these people?!
KTM Train@1.30pm: A teenage girl opposite my seat was clipping her boyfriend's fingernails! I couldn't help but saw his majesty's bits and pieces on top of her dark coloured sling bag – just

Nevertheless, there is one uplifting figure worth mentioning today – my helpful bookbinder. They specialise in hardcover book binding, display box & certificate folder. Not perfect workmanship (my portfolio book), but at least if you have one book to bind, you know who you can turn to.
Karim Enterprise, no.4 Jalan Vivekananda, Brickfields, KL.
t: 03-22744216

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